Marie's Acting Journey (2017)

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A couple years ago I shared my acting journey along with some helpful tips for fellow actors:

#Faithful2017 | Marie's Acting Journey Week 4

4th week of January! I've heard that if you can make it through January with your goals, you are set for the year. I believe it! But my mind was already made up of that on week 1. So let's continue. Thanks for watching. Watch Now!: Marie's Acting Journey 2017 | Wk. 4 The Summary #1- What practical tips or skills did I learn in the last week? This week I want to share with you about The Actors I have no idea where I found it, but Kristine Oller shares how to be among the “Successful 7” in a theoretical room of 100 actors. Basically it all comes down to using our time, energy, and money efficiently to take specific action instead of just being being busy with no progress and great

#Faithful2017 | Marie's Acting Journey Week 3

Well, we've made it to week 3, and I'm happy to share, things are still going amazing. Yeah, 2017, you are okay with me. This week, I am sending my blog from on set. It was a last minute surprise, but the highlight of the week is still the ever-increasing journey growing in faithfulness. Join me. The video is below. The Summary #1- What practical tips or skills did I learn in the last week? Some acting tips that I am still challenging myself to hold to day in and day out are 1) Know when to be yourself in the room, and 2) Once you leave the audition, let everything go. If you brought the character to life, it was a success. Anything else is just an added blessing. #2- The work I'm doing now:

#Faithful2017 | Marie's Acting Journey Week 2

Thanks to everyone who watched my Vlog last week! This is seriously so freeing. I confess, I wanted to take a nap in bed this Thursday, because yesterday was extremely productive, so I felt a little wiped out. I thought it was a great excuse, except I wouldn't be able to do my Vlog. It's only been one week and already this accountability tool is saving me from my own temptations. A win! More good news and lessons to share. Here's the breakdown and the video to follow... #1- What practical tips or skills did I learn in the last week? One amazing person I found on Twitter was Heidi Dean of She is lovely not only because she always replies to my tweets, but because she giv

See What I Can't See in 2017!

Well this is weird... I literally just sat down and started to write this first blog post and almost started crying. What is that all about!? I'm sure it's because it's something big I'm doing for myself, and I can't wait to share it with all of you. 2016 didn't end the way I expected which means that 2017 didn't start the way I had planned, but the coolest thing happened! It led to the theme for my year (Faith) and gave me clearer direction on what I am doing, and this blog is how I'm going to record my journey through the year. Below is a breakdown of exactly what I'm doing. Check it out! Here goes, the first vlog: Marie's Acting Journey 2017 | Wk. 1 WHAT It's a WEEKLY VIDEO BLOG (VLOG) po

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