Marie's Acting Journey (2017)

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A couple years ago I shared my acting journey along with some helpful tips for fellow actors:

#Faithful2017 | Marie's Acting Journey Week 14

Did my Vlog at the gym again this week. Just one of the things I'm excited about going after more since I have a bit more time (quit the side job last week). In this week's Vlog, I'm sharing about some other things I'm working on per usual. Check it out. Marie's Acting Journey 2017 | Wk. 14 1. What did I learn this week about my craft? Well I just learned that there is a possible writer's strike impending if writers can't get what they are fighting for. This could affect actors, producers, everyone for a while or just push production back. So what do we do with our free time? Learn a new skill. Kill it at the gym! Read a good book. Finish those projects in the house. Start writing our own co

#Faithful2017 | Marie's Acting Journey Week 13

Once again, diverting from the strict format of my video blogs. Instead just here to tell you about a great week and a cool event for fellow actors coming up. It's Easter week, and whether you are religious or not, you have to admit it is sometimes cool seeing little kids with colorful eggs and bunny ears. I got to paint some of those kids today. It was just fun seeing them smile over something so simple. Watch this short video for more on Week 13 of my Acting Journey! Marie's Acting Journey 2017 | Wk. 13 The Summary Just feeling awesome this week. Last week at my side job. Had a fun audition. Painted my neighbors. And still trekking along (though challenging) with my series, The Shelter. Se

#Faithful2017 | Marie's Acting Journey Week 12

On my way back home after posting my last Vlog... I found out that the traffic I was in was because of the I-85 freeway which caught on fire causing part of it to collapse. That is NOT happening this week. Instead, some good news and tips. Watch below... Marie's Acting Journey 2017 | Wk. 12 The Summary 1. What did I learn this week in my craft? I'm back to reading a book I got back in college at USC, Writing Short Films. Now I we are developing a webseries and not a short film, but the tips are still helpful. As an actress, I realize I already have lots of experience in script structure not just from my study in school but from so many auditions, tearing apart the scene and understanding the

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