Marie's Acting Journey (2017)

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A couple years ago I shared my acting journey along with some helpful tips for fellow actors:

#Faithful2017 | Marie's Acting Journey Week 26/27

I've missed you guys for a couple Thursdays! But I'm back with some great news. And as usual, you know this girl is not just sitting around doing nothing. Here is what I have been up to: Marie's Acting Journey 2017 | Wk. 26/27 1. What did I learn this week about my craft? I'm British! Well not really. So I have done exactly one role where I got to speak in a British accent (more of a medieval dialect as that is what the director wanted-cool!) But this week, I had an audition where they wanted a contemporary dialect, so I got some coaching- it just happened to be from a coach who is British. Perfect. One tip he shared that automatically alerts people that your British dialect is not really...

#Faithful2017 | Marie's Acting Journey Week 24/25

Sending my video blog from Tennessee where I was on set today filming a holiday film, Christmas in July! It was windy out there, but I think you'll get the gist. I didn't plan this Vlog, so it was on the fly. Fun. I think I should do that more often. Thanks for watching! Marie's Acting Journey 2017 | Wk. 24 1. What did I learn this week about my craft? Controlling your movement while acting on film is important not just for creating a grounded read and less distraction on camera- it also keeps you from creating static on your lav mic when filming (the mic that is attached in a hidden place- usually to your bra for the ladies). The sound guy on set helped me to notice when some of the actions

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