#Faithful2017 | Marie's Acting Journey Week 6

Marie just celebrated a special birthday this week, so I am giving her the day off. Oh, I'm sorry! How rude. I should introduce myself...

I am Professor Magonopolous, and I have the pleasure of sharing Vlog with you this week. It was an extraordinary experience! Marie will be back in two weeks. Until then, I hope you enjoy what I have created for you using the new age feature of combining a video and a blog, thus creating, a Video Blog! -Love Prof. M.

Marie's Acting Journey 2017 | Wk. 6

The Professor's Summary

#1- What practical tips or skills did Marie learn in the last week?

Well she learned that no matter how clever one tries to be on social media or how many followers you have, it is not going to make your acting better! What will is being in class (of utmost importance), doing the homework before class or auditions, making specific decisions and continuing to challenge yourself. Don't get distracted with the InstantGram or the Tweeter!

#2- What is she currently working on and excited about?

This week she continues her trek with The Shelter Series, an online drama about a troubled woman who is forced to confront her past as she works in a homeless shelter. While there, she meets the men and women who live and work there- all of whom have their own stories and dreams they are trying to discover. Right now, she is securing the production team and a plan to bring fans on board. I wonder if she will let me audition. I’ve never been in a movie before...

#3- The Faith Lesson: What gem does she want to share with you?

The lesson this week is about dreaming BIG and sharing those dreams with others. And how does one get there? Part of it is by borrowing the Faith and dreams of someone else. Whether we find examples in The Good Book, heroes and celebrities, our famlies and friends, we must realize we are in the presence of other brave, inspiring souls. Look around you and they are there. And then, you will likely become an example for someone else. It's all so beautiful... and it's true!

For more updates and to support this journey, Subscribe to my YouTube channel, follow me on IG and Twitter, and just check in here on my blog at MarieLBurke.com. Thanks for the love everyone! Happy 2017! #BeTheLightShineLikeStars


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