#Faithful2017 | Marie's Acting Journey Week 7

I’m back from Mexico! The Anniversary trip was great. Of course I got some cool auditions while I was out of town. It always happens that way. But I was all smiles and giggles with my forever guy, and if I couldn't share the victories with people like him, none of this would matter. So yes, only a tad sad about missing out on those opportunities. But here we go, back in action! The video is short and sweet this week due to some technical difficulties, but hopefully still helpful!

Marie's Acting Journey 2017 | Wk. 6

The Summary

#1- What practical tips or skills did Marie learn in the last week?

Well, it’s a small thing, but I haven’t been the most motivated or proactive, and partly is my bad habit of working on my bed. No joke. Seriously, it needs to stop. Having an environment that inspires you is so important. I just need to start taking my own advice and move! My pillows are comfy, but there is work to be done! I am not disciplined enough to curl up with my computer. It nearly always ends in a lovely nap.

#2- What is she currently working on and excited about?

A new monologue based off of the adulteress woman in John 8. If you haven’t read the story, you can find it here. It’s incredible actually, and I never focused on it as a monolouge. But thinking of all the characters I develop and the stories behind them, I can’t believe I haven’t tackled a spiritual character yet. The Bible is the basis of my life. Duh, Marie! And hers is a story of true undeserved grace. Something I can definitely relate to. I’ll be performing it in April, so let the work begin.

#3- The Faith Lesson: What gem does she want to share with you?

I need to be true to myself, keep things simple and stop getting distracted trying to please others and not even know that I am doing so. It gets exhausting and disheartening. Even having to do the shortened version of this blog this week made me have to be simple, to the point, not in performance mode or trying to “hit all the points.” A good thing. Be true. Be honest. Be me. I’m enough.

For more updates and to support this journey, Subscribe to my YouTube channel, follow me on IG and Twitter, and just check in here on my blog at MarieLBurke.com. Thanks for the love everyone! Happy 2017! #BeTheLightShineLikeStars


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