#Faithful2017 | Marie's Acting Journey Week 26/27

I've missed you guys for a couple Thursdays! But I'm back with some great news. And as usual, you know this girl is not just sitting around doing nothing. Here is what I have been up to:

Marie's Acting Journey 2017 | Wk. 26/27

1. What did I learn this week about my craft?

I'm British! Well not really. So I have done exactly one role where I got to speak in a British accent (more of a medieval dialect as that is what the director wanted-cool!) But this week, I had an audition where they wanted a contemporary dialect, so I got some coaching- it just happened to be from a coach who is British. Perfect. One tip he shared that automatically alerts people that your British dialect is not really... failing to elongate the vowels. They just speak a bit slower than us, and oh so beautifully.

2. What am I currently working on?

Like I mentioned above, I have been getting some auditions! Thank you God. It's been waiting for them to come for the last couple months, but I've been keeping myself busy and working on my craft regardless. Then this week, it just started pouring. I'm making sure to get coaching and do as much prep as I can as quickly as I can to push myself. Very grateful for the opportunities the Southeast casting directors and my agency are bringing.

3. What was my "faith" lesson this week?

It's easier to have faith when things are NOT going the way we want. We see our need for prayer, God, others so much more. I think it's because we are in a more humbled state, seeing how we truly are when we are "out of control." So I'm going to focus on seeing my need for help and prayer no matter what!

For more updates and to support this journey, Subscribe to my YouTube channel, follow me on IG and Twitter, and just check in here on my blog at MarieLBurke.com. Thanks for the love everyone! Happy 2017! #BeTheLightShineLikeStars


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