Marie's #Faithful2017 Acting Journey Comes to an End

What???! She's back? Yes! You are right. I have not done a video blog since the end of August (please don't count the months). But fear not! I have still been on my Acting Journey, and I have definitely learned some faithful lessons. But I have exciting news that truly surprised me. Please watch my latest and last Vlog of the year for the details!

So How Did This Faithful2017 Acting Journey Go Anyway???

1. What did I learn this year about my craft?

It was scary to realize, but what did I learn about my craft? I learned that I don't love it as much as I used to. When I was back in college on the stage, diving deep into the life of a character, enjoying the excitement of running around Los Angeles and then Atlanta for auditions, classes, networking events, headshot sessions, coffee dates, etc. It started to fizzle at the beginning of this year, and I fought hard not to let the light go out. What I needed was a break. I didn't know I was allowed to take one. I thought I was a failure and a letdown to my friends, my fans, my agents, my husband, but mostly myself. But really, I needed to step back and know it was OKAY. Through a ton of prayer and getting some direction from mentors, I got enough courage to take a break. And it was AWESOME.

2. What have I been working on?

So what have I been up to? Well I was able to work on a live stage show for a fundraiser, and a producer I worked with before cast me last-minute in a commercial, so those were incredible experiences. But right before I took my break, I decided to become a Personal Trainer. I had spent a lot of time thinking what I would do if I didn't act, and (because of acting), working out and boxing was a consistent thing several days a week. I liked it, and I liked coaching and inspiring my friends. So I jumped in, and this week became an official National Academy of Sports Medicine certified trainer! By the way, I don't remember studying and training this hard since college, and I never was so grateful for the opportunity just to "pass" and not worry about getting an "A." Cuz, yeah, that was hard, but now I'm ready to go! As far as acting goes, I am also jumping back in, but with a new sense of peace. More on that below.

3. What was my ultimate "faith" lesson this year?

The best lesson I learned this year and keep learning is that I am imperfect in pretty much everything I do, but I am also so perfect the way God made me. I often steer away from change because I am scared of failure. I want to master something and stay put. And I only feel my failures because I don't meet MY expectations. This is no way to live. It is completely impossible to fail if my focus is on Shining Like the Star God made me in any situation, with any job, any profession and in any relationship. The success is 100% void of any tangible outcome or result I can record on a resume, put in a bank account or put on display for the world. On this acting journey this year, I didn't master how to be faithful, but I think I got a lot better at going to that place before letting thoughts, feelings and pressures get the best of me. That made this year great.

For more updates in 2018 Subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on IG and Twitter. Thanks for the love everyone! Happy Holidays! #BeTheLightShineLikeStars

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