The Personal Trainer 

Boxing Instructor, Group Fitness Leader, Inspiring Cheerleader! 


What's Your Why? Here's Mine:


When I'm on set munching away at "crafty," and people are like "You are so lucky you can eat like that and look so good!" I'm like "Hold up, lady!" Thank you, but staying in shape has been one of the most disciplining things in my life. I earn that cake for real! Luck has nothing to do with it, so just calm down!"

Okay, well I don't say all that, but 

I did start working out and boxing regularly years ago to keep myself in shape for acting. Yes, I have a sweet tooth and gain weight easily, but physical training made me feel so strong and relaxed, something else I really needed in my life. Along the way, while I learned more about my body and what it means to be healthy, I realized I had to share this with people LIKE YOU who need the motivation and structure to reach their own fitness goals. That's the truth.

Now, let’s get to work!