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Goodbye Butterfly

Out now! First lead in a feature.

When I read the script for the audition, I knew this was one of those roles that didn't come often. I've always wanted to play a detective, and this opportunity went above my expectations. The production team is certainly one to look out for.


The Bobby Debarge Story

The hit 80s band comes to life on TVOne.

I had always wanted to use my singing in a film, so I was thrilled to work among fellow actors who also sang or wrote songs like the character I play, Bunny Debarge. Thanks to the real-life family for letting us tell this story. 

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A Fav Commercial: Taxslayer

It's Tax Time again! Get that refund.

I felt really validated on set as the principal actor for this spot getting to express so many emotions and just be myself (savings! yay!) Director Steven Colby was great to work with.

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